Personal Media ECO

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Social media platforms available today oversaturate participants and decrease the value of individual contribution or participation. In contrast, the Personal Media ECO enhances your personal brand or business while emphasizing quality, not quantity, interactions. Features include: 


InCall Calls - Get paid up to 70% of your posted rate when you have an InCall phone call with a client or prospective client.


SEO Optimized Web Presence - Rank higher in search engines and be more easily discovered.


Referral Tools - Leverage a crowd and turn others into an affiliate marketing machine on your behalf.


Newswire Service - Announce news, special events, or client developments (and never pay for another press release again!)


Knowledge Board - Simplify your life and ditch your current blog provider.


Profile Widgets - Embed your ECO Profile in other media properties to increase your visibility.


Social Media Integration - Drive traffic to and from your other social media properties.


... and many more! 


At this time, only authorized individuals can open a Personal Media ECO account. Contact a Network Sponsor to determine your eligibility.  


Download the Personal Media Account Overview